The importance of the TAB to our industry


As well as being Australia’s most trusted wagering brand, the TAB largely funds Australian racing.


In NSW and Victoria alone, TAB proceeds have returned more than $5 billion to thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing since 1994. This substantial level of funding ensures our racing industry is one of the best funded in the world and the envy of jurisdictions such as Britain, where they race for much less. 


Prizemoney and many services, such as track maintenance and jockeys’ riding and WorkCover fees, are therefore substantially funded by TAB proceeds.


On every dollar that is wagered with the TAB in Victoria, 8.9 cents is returned to the racing industry, on average. In NSW, the equivalent figure is 5.6 cents. In contrast, online corporate bookmakers, return substantially less.


So as you can see, a flourishing racing industry relies on a strong and successful TAB.


Think about the racing industry when you next place a bet.


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ü      In 2012/13 the NSW and Victorian TABs returned $657 million (from around $9 billion in turnover) to the NSW and Victoria racing industries alone. In comparison, corporate bookmakers returned around $80 million (from around $5 billion in turnover) to the racing industry across all Australian states and territories.


Information provided by Tabcorp to Australian Trainers' Association.

4 July 2014.



The Australian Trainers’ Trust (‘The Trust’) was launched in September 2015.