INFORMATION BULLETIN – COVID-19 Tasmanian Member Update / 1 May 2020


Dear Trainer,

Disappointing news is the order of the day!

At the Industry Forum today attended by The Hon. Jane Howlett MP, Minister for Racing, Tasracing (Paul Eriksson, CEO) and members of the Thoroughbred Advisory Network (TAN), we were advised the Department of Public Health had not yet arrived at a position on the industry’s ‘Return to Racing Plan’.

We made it very clear to the Minister that if we are to return to racing as proposed on May 15-17, we MUST be given the green light at the latest, early next week.

There is not a lot more we can do at this time within this Industry Forum. The ‘Return to Racing Plan’ provides strong in built bio-security operating considerations. This Plan has passed through the hands of Government - the Premier AND the Minister for Racing - both of whom were satisfied with the framework. It was then sent to the Department of Public Health, for their formal review, one week ago. Without this Department’s support, we cannot progress.

We will continue to press the Minister for Racing across the next 3-4 days, in the hope that she can expedite a response from the Department of Public Health.

We will update Trainers again on Tuesday 5 May, or sooner if we receive positive news.

Should you wish to provide your feedback in writing in relation to these matters, please do so by clicking here.

APPLY for Tasmanian Racing C-19 Welfare Package


Yours faithfully

Chief Executive