INFORMATION BULLETIN – COVID-19 Tasmanian Member Update / 6 May 2020


Dear Trainer,

We have positive news at last!

The Premier, The Hon. Peter Gutwein MP, will make a formal announcement on Friday 8 May around the resumption of racing for all codes in Tasmania.

Advice from the Minister for Racing in the last 24 hours is this announcement will include:

a) confirmation of the date for the return to racing, and

b) importantly, when racing does resume, confirmation that prize money will not reduce

Tasracing CEO Paul Eriksson, and officials from the Department of Public Health (DOPH), are finalising bio-security measures that will apply to thoroughbred racing, many of which were included in the Industry’s own ‘Return to Racing’ plan.

We can also appreciate that not everyone will agree with the strict protocols that will ultimately accompany the resumption of racing. However, participants must appreciate this is a necessary trade off by Industry to gain Government and DOPH support - and without this, racing would not be allowed to resume at this time.

So to all participants, it is essential you COMPLY with every protocol. Over time, as the COVID-19 community concerns abate, we will be able to relax the protocols and return to a normal operating environment.

Finally, there is also likely to be some upward movement in the daily rate of financial support for thoroughbred trainers. The prescribed support is currently $38 per horse in work; further details of the improved amount will also be released Friday.

Should you wish to provide your feedback in writing in relation to these matters, please do so by clicking here.

APPLY for Tasmanian Racing C-19 Welfare Package


Yours faithfully

Chief Executive