INFORMATION BULLETIN – Tasmanian Member Update / 22 April 2020


Dear Trainer,

The Thoroughbred Advisory Network (TAN), which includes the ATA‘s Tasmanian President Nigel Schuuring, continues to press the Government and Tasracing daily on the subject of the resumption of thoroughbred racing in Tasmania.

Understandably, the recent COVID-19 crisis at Burnie has been the Government’s focus in the last week and a half, which compelled the Chief Medical Officer to issue orders further restricting movements in the NW region of the state. As a consequence, racing could not resume before May 15.

With the NW matter now levelling out, this has allowed all parties to re-focus.

The aim remains clear and is signalled in each and every TAN communication; we want a definitive date from Government as to when racing will resume and we want that answer as soon as possible, but in any event not later than May 1.

We will update you again shortly, hopefully with the positive news that we all seek.

Should you wish to provide your feedback in writing in relation to these matters, please do so by CLICKING HERE

APPLY for Tasmanian Racing C-19 Welfare Package


Yours faithfully

Chief Executive