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Racing Australia has mandated a training agreement is required between a Trainer and Owner(s).

The Standard Training Agreement (STA) has been produced by Racing Australia (RA). This will operate as the default option for Trainers where they elect not to use an alternative training agreement.

In terms of an alternative agreement, RA recognises not all Trainers have the same breadth of activity or operation, nor level of financial exposure. Hence, the TOR rules sensibly allow Trainers to introduce an alternative training agreement to better suit their individual risks and trading differences. The sole requirement by Racing Australia where a Trainer exercises this right is that the alternative agreement must not contravene the TOR Rules.

CLICK HERE to view a pdf template of an alternative ATA endorsed Training Agreement *

This Agreement is fully compliant with the TOR Rules. This document includes additional clauses to benefit the Trainer and training relationship (and Owner from a transparency viewpoint), including:

  • Owner Visitation to Licensed premises
  • Limitation of Liabilities
  • Owner undertakings with regard to the thoroughbred
  • Use of images for business promotion
  • Personal Property Security Act – securitisation of the asset
  • Broader services definition and responsibilities

*  If you wish to use the ATA endorsed Training Agreement in lieu of the STA, contact the Australian Trainers’ Association so an Agreement can be personalised for your training business.  Additionally, where you use this Alternative Agreement, it is mandatory for the Trainer to provide all Owners with a copy.

The ATA endorsed Training Agreement replaces the Australian Trainers’ Association Terms and Conditions of Training document which will become redundant from 1 August 2017. 

The Australian Trainers’ Trust (‘The Trust’) was launched in September 2015.