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Key aspects for the Trainer to take particular notice of include:


  • A Trainer must issue a Fees Notice (likened to a quotation from a tradesman) to, as a minimum, the Managing Owner. The Managing Owner is in turn, responsible under the Rules for sharing this information/document with all co-owners. It is the Trainers choice whether they also send a copy of the Fees Notice to co-owners.

    Providing a Fees Notice alerts the Owner/s to the range and likely costs / expenses of owning or leasing a horse.  In the absence of any concerns raised with the Trainer, it also indicates their broad acceptance of the associated financial responsibilities.

    CLICK HERE to download a Fees Notice template

  • All training arrangements will be subject to a training agreement. Racing Australia has produced a Standard Training Agreement (STA) that will be the default agreement, other than where the Trainer elects to utilise an alternative TOR compliant agreement.

    The reason for the introduction of a mandatory agreement is to ensure transparency and greater certainty exists within the contractual relationship between the Owner and Trainer.

    It is not obligatory for the Trainer to furnish the Owner with a copy of the STA. An Owner can access the STA from the Racing Australia web site if he/she wishes to.  It is the Trainer’s choice however should he or she provide a copy to the Owner/s as part of their business practice. For example, accompanying the Fees Notice, the first training fees invoice issued after 1 August 2017, or independently under cover of a letter.

    It is mandatory however for the Trainer to furnish all Owners with a copy of any agreement they use as an alternative to the STA (see Alternative Agreement to Replace the STA)

  • The Trainer must aim to issue their training fees invoice to the Owner(s) within the first 15 days of the start of the month, for services rendered in the prior month. This will obligate the Owner(s) to pay the invoice by month end.  Miss the invoice issue deadline, and the debt rolls forward to the following month!

    If the Trainer adheres to this practice, the only reason the Owner has to withhold payment from the Trainer is where the Owner elects to dispute the invoice fees and charges, either in part or in full (see below).

  • Trainers can pursue Owners for unpaid debts, and Owners can dispute training fees and charges. The Training Dispute Tribunal (TDT) established by state PRA’s under the Rules will hear these matters.

    Relevant forms (an Enforcement Action Application, Dispute Notice and Notice of Election of Hearing), along with details of the process to bring the matter before the tribunal, can be found on the Racing Australia web site.


The Australian Trainers’ Trust (‘The Trust’) was launched in September 2015.