An Open Letter to Members / National / 22 Oct, 2015

Thursday 22 October 2015


As many of our members would be aware, I have commenced my role as the national Chief Executive of the ATA, and I am pleased to be making this first written communication to you.

The ATA was one of the first representative bodies to be established in Australian racing, and has a long and rich history dating back to 1967.

Achievements over the years at national and state levels are many and varied, providing significant benefits to our members, and positively impacting the racing industry. More recently, the ATA was the principal architect behind two centrepiece initiatives – the Security for Training Fees Model (to be introduced in early 2016) and establishment of an Australian Trainers’ Trust. Much time and effort was invested in each, and required broad industry stakeholder consultation. We are justifiably proud of the outcome here, given both will markedly improve the financial support mechanisms for our members, and the training profession in general.

Beyond the ATA’s traditional representative and advocacy role which it performs in Australian racing, the popularity of ATA Members Services, in areas of high importance to a trainers business, such as Industrial and Employee Relations, Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Debt Recovery and Payroll Management, demonstrates the diverse needs of our members. Added to this, we have our successful Racing Supplies business, which offers a broad range of horse supplements and products.

I would also acknowledge at this time that I inherit a national office with a strong foundation laid by the previous ATA executive team led by John Alducci and David Gauci, and the Federal Executive, led by Colin Alderson. The dedication of these individuals towards improving the welfare of trainers in this diverse and challenging industry has been undeniable, and their lasting contributions in this regard speak for themselves. Equally, I am delighted that both John and David have agreed to continue serving ATA members as part of the new executive team, providing invaluable expertise, experience and ongoing support for our association.

Looking towards the future, and we have a busy and exciting period ahead, starting with the national Conference at month end. There are a number of initiatives and operational improvements in the pipeline, many identified from our members’ feedback, a number recognised by the ATA executive itself, where we will effect change and/or improvement. Targeted therein is the retail sales platform for Racing Supplies, structured communication and contact with members, broader promotion of our association, and web based educational offerings, to name a few. Our collective representative and advocacy roles and member services can only continue to be strengthened and improved if our communication processes are both strong and active.

I am positive about the road ahead for the ATA. Like each of you, I too share a real passion for the racing industry. It is the reason we are a part of such a great industry, and why I am committed to representing the ATA, this office and our members to the best of my ability.

I look forward to catching up with members – be it at a racecourse, event, by phone or email, however it happens. The message is simple – communicate openly, constructively and work together so that we achieve results that deliver beneficial outcomes to the profession of racehorse trainers, and the industry at large.

Warm regards

Chief Executive