ATA hits back at Cummings / National / 09 Dec, 2008

In response to recent comments by Anthony Cummings, ATA National President, Colin Alderson said “the NSW branch of the ATA had been dissolved at the group’s AGM in October because the representatives on the board had a clear conflict of interest, as they were also directors of a breakaway group, the NSW Trainers Association Limited, setup without any consultation with the ATA”.

“At the national executive meeting in October, the board voted unanimously to renew existing insurance arrangements with the incumbent insurer through to the end of the 2009/10 racing season. Although NSW endeavoured to seek alternative arrangements, they chose to remain covered by the ATA National Insurance Policy that covers almost 100% of Trainers.”

“Externally audited accounts were presented to ATA Federal Executives at the AGM and executives had the opportunity, as they have each year, to question the auditors, executive and management on all issues.”

Mr Alderson said “that recent comments from Anthony Cummings, a representative of the NSW Trainers Association Limited, were at best misleading and considered of a serious nature and had been referred to its legal advisors. For over 40 years the ATA remains independent and the peak organisation that professionally represents all Trainers”.