ATA VIC Branch Members Update – Trainer Wellbeing Program / Victoria / 29 May, 2015

The Trainer Wellbeing Pilot Program launched by the ATA and RV in 2014 provided valuable insights into the benefits that a long-term Trainer Wellbeing Program could offer to industry participants.

We are pleased to report that since RV appointed Kirra Fitzgerald to the role of Trainer Wellbeing Liaison Officer, the program is making good progress.

In June this year the Trainer Wellbeing Program will launch a website that will become a valuable resource where trainers can easily access helpful information on physical and mental health, exercise and nutrition, stress and fatigue, and effective business management.

The website will also encourage industry participants to anonymously share issues and exchange ideas on how to efficiently address areas concerning trainers, their employees and families.

Following the success of the Trainer Wellbeing Pilot Program’s mental health sessions last year, the ATA and RV are planning to hold additional sessions across Victoria focusing on a range of areas concerning trainers.

We will continue to keep you updated on any Trainer Wellbeing Program announcements and invite you to get in touch with either Kirra on 03 9258 4711 or or myself directly if you have any queries or suggestions.