ATA Victorian Branch – Members Update / Victoria / 03 May, 2010


The roll out of the RVL Infrastructure Plan is starting to gather momentum, with several projects under way and others nearing completion across regional training centres.

Major projects at Ballarat and Mornington are in progress and Geelong trainers are anxiously awaiting the completion of the reconstructed Geelong Thoroughtrack, so that training facilities can resume without the disruption and costly inconvenience that trainers and their owners have endured over the past seven months or more.

However, following representations from trainers and Regional Trainers Associations, it has become apparent that the requirement mandated by RVL for Country Race Clubs to hold formal regular meetings with these Associations or with their local trainers and report on the progress of maintenance and infrastructure programs and identify issues with track and training facilities, has not taken place at many venues.

The ATA has been made aware of many such instances where these processes, which were communicated by RVL to all Country Race Clubs following the implementation of the Infrastructure Plan and new funding arrangements in 2009, appears to have been largely ignored.

It has resulted in many trainers and Regional Associations losing confidence in the ability of Country Race Clubs to comply with a very simple and important process of accountability and communication with trainers at their venues. As a result, the ATA has received many complaints about a deterioration of some of the training facilities at some venues, and the failure of Clubs to address these problems.

RVL has assured the ATA that it will address this issue and conduct an audit of Country Race Clubs requirement to conduct these regular information sessions with their local trainers and Regional Trainers Associations, and implement a process where Clubs will report on a regular (quarterly or bi-annual) basis to RVL.

Where Country Race Clubs have implemented this simple process, there is clear evidence of a much more constructive and harmonious relationship between Clubs and Trainers. Importantly it enables trainers to carry out their professions with confidence, without the distraction and frustration of sometimes being forced to operate in an environment of conflict and hostility.


The Victorian Thoroughbred Racing Awards Night is scheduled for Sunday August 8 at the Palladium at the Crown Entertainment Complex.

The Awards Night will feature the important Fred Hoysted Award for outstanding training performances on Victorian race tracks during the 2009/2010 racing season.

There will again be six bi-monthly winners and an overall winner of the Fred Hoysted Award for the racing season, which is administered by the ATA. The Awards Night, which is one of the two main Racing Awards nights in Victoria, has been restructured and rejuvenated with fewer Awards and award categories, with the night focusing solely on the accomplishments of trainers and jockeys throughout the 2009/10 season.

RVL will shortly be sending trainers a notice about the Awards Night with all relevant details.