ATA Victorian Branch – Members Update / Victoria / 05 Oct, 2010


RVL and the VRC have agreed to a major maintenance upgrade of training facilities at Flemington, commencing with the replacement of the existing Viscoride training track.

A commitment to undertake and complete the upgrade for training prior to winter 2011 has been given to Flemington trainers by RVL and the VRC.

Both RVL and the VRC have also assured the ATA and Flemington trainers that a funding arrangement between both bodies will be finalised.

The possible installation of a synthetic surface on the existing dirt track for training, trials and racing will be the subject of a joint review by RVL and the VRC.


With the advent of the warmer weather over the next six months or so, the ATA has again raised with RVL the importance of accurate track ratings and track preparation in keeping with official policy.

The ATA expects that with the restructure of the Stewards Department and the appointment of Regional Stewards with broader responsibilities and in particular relating to the preparation and presentation of racing surfaces in keeping with RVL policy, more accurate track ratings should be achieved across all Victorian racetracks. This will avoid the avoidable and unacceptable practice during the warmer months of inaccurate and misleading track ratings being posted for race meetings leading to a regular spike in complaints to the ATA.

Chief Steward Terry Bailey has acknowledged the importance of accurate track ratings and prioritised this role for regional management.


Following discussions with the VRC and inspections of the Trainers Room at Flemington, a number of changes have been implemented.

The VRC has, at the request of the ATA, undertaken a refurbishment of the Trainers Room, which will improve both the available space and facilities.

Importantly, access to the Trainers Room will be restricted for the exclusive use of Trainers and access will be denied to outside persons.

The Trainers Room is located near the scales area behind the mounting yard, with refreshments - sandwich platters, soft drinks, tea and coffee making facilities, provided for trainers.

Trainers will have exclusive access to the Trainers Room for all Flemington race meetings including the four days of the Melbourne Cup carnival.