ATA Victorian Branch – Members Update / Victoria / 12 Jul, 2010


In an important decision on wage rates, effective July 1 2010, Fair Work Australia’s Minimum Wage Panel, granted all employees (e,g. Stablehands) a pay rise.

The ATA has notified all members of the new rates of pay and has also reminded members of the important change (effective January1 2010) to employees’ maximum ordinary time hours, which is now 38 hours a week.

In keeping with the new wage rates, the ATA has also revised its recommended fees for Training and Employee Race Day Attendance, which have been included in our special notice to members. The Employee Race Day Attendance fees are provided as a guide only to recover costs associated with Stablehands’ attendance at race meetings, in accordance with the new Horse and Greyhound Training Award 2010. It should also be noted that the ATA recommended daily rates for training do not include GST.

The ATA strongly recommends that members review their training fees and any other costs that may have increased in light of the new wage rates decision. The ATA also strongly advises members to review payroll records, in particular to establish compliance with wage rates, hours of work, superannuation and workcover.

Members are also reminded that as of January 1 2010, it is a legal requirement for Employers to supply their Employees with the Fair Work Statement as soon as possible after the commencement of employment. This Statement provides basic information on matters that will affect their employment and can be downloaded from the ATA website:

To assist members with specific information relating to all matters relating to employment, wage rates and any industrial information, ATA Industrial Relations Manager Wayne Lee can be contacted on 03 9372-1688. For information on insurance and workcover, Mike Kirby can be contacted on the same number.


RVL has produced a discussion paper for consideration by the ATA Victorian Branch Committee reviewing the operation of the ATA initiated Free Nomination System in Victoria.

RVL has previously raised with the ATA, problems associated with the abuse of the system by some trainers nominating horses for multiple races on a single race day and sometimes for several race days during a week, with very little intention of accepting. These problems have been raised with the ATA previously and we are again appealing for the cooperation of trainers to refrain from such practices, which could jeopardise the future of a system that continues to deliver very important and substantial financial savings to owners and trainers and significantly reduce their administration costs.

An RVL survey of trainers found that the overwhelming number of respondents strongly supported the continuation of the Free Nomination System, a view that has also been expressed to the ATA.


The ATA welcomes the formal announcement by RVL to sponsor the Racehorse Outplacement Program for retired racehorses, developed by Cyberhorse and endorsed and supported by the ATA.

The Victorian Branch of the ATA endorsed the Racehorse Outplacement Program last year, supporting it as an important, constructive and viable option for finding a home for horses that are either retired or on the verge of retirement from racing.

The ATA shares the same concerns as Cyberhorse and RVL that many horses face an uncertain and at times grim future after their racing careers have ended, and from an animal welfare perspective, the Racehorse Replacement Program is expected to fulfill a widely acknowledged gap for a life after racing for racehorses.

The ATA urges trainers to support this important initiative.