ATA Victorian Branch – Members Update / Victoria / 28 May, 2009


RVL has assured the ATA that following the outcome of the Directions Paper and the ratification of the Infrastructure Plan, Country Race Clubs will be more closely monitored and held accountable for their track facilities and maintenance funding.

The ATA has reiterated its position that the responsibility for training facilities must be centralised so that a proper system of accountability for funding can be instituted. Given that it has been widely acknowledged that funds which have been specifically allocated for training facilities and maintenance have not in all instances been used for these purposes, the ATA is pleased that RVL has taken on board the need to address these concerns, which were strongly highlighted in the ATA’s submission.

Track facilities and maintenance issues at country training centres have been one of the major on-going issues that trainers have raised with the ATA for many years, and unless RVL as the governing body assumes responsibility for this vital part of racing infrastructure, it will continue to create the unwanted and unnecessary headlines that have plagued the industry.


Following representations from the ATA and the Geelong Trainers Association, RVL has agreed to postpone maintenance work on the Geelong Thoroughtrack until after the Geelong Cup carnival in late October.

This will enable Geelong trainers to continue to use the Thoroughtrack for training during the generally wet spring months of September and October.

With re-sowing of the turf track at Geelong currently in progress and the intention of a return to racing on the grass later in the month (weather permitting), trainers would otherwise have had no facilities for training. It is expected that racing on the Thoroughtrack will resume in Autumn 2010 after the maintenance work has been completed.

The ATA will continue to work closely with the Geelong Trainers Association, and local trainers are encouraged to raise any concerns regarding the Geelong track and training facilities through the Geelong Trainers Association, should they arise.


The ATA has welcomed the formation of the Bendigo Trainers Association. The recently formed Association has elected a committee and Gavin Beever has been installed as President.

The Bendigo Trainers Association has indicated that it will liaise and work closely with the Victorian ATA on local and State issues, which can only be of benefit to Bendigo trainers and the ATA.

The ATA encourages the formation of regional trainers’ associations and their input. Importantly it provides trainers with an opportunity to address any concerns that may arise, at a local level.