Australian Trainers’ Trust – ABOUT THE TRUST / National / 20 Jul, 2016



The Australian Trainers’ Trust (‘The Trust’) was launched in September 2015.

The drive to establish this Trust was twofold. Firstly, the ATA recognized only too well, and often first hand, the toll this profession could take on trainers. Serious illness and injury was a common experience, with the outcome for many stress, anxiety, family breakdown and financial hardship, or worse, a permanent disability from injury or a lingering illness like depression. Secondly, there did not exist a single, nationwide industry sponsored fund with the ability to assist Trainers financially, where there was a pressing need to do so.

Against this backdrop, the ATA set about gathering support from a number of bodies, for the express purpose of establishing a Trust. After much lobbying, the Victorian State Government together with Racing Victoria stepped forward and bought into the ATA’s vision, with each offering a grant to allow the Trust to be established.

In terms of operation of the Trust;

Ø The Trust will provide those deemed most needy amongst the ranks of the trainers with a medium whereby they can source financial support where they meet the “prescribed criteria”

Ø The “prescribed criteria” for those making an application is:

· A trainer has suffered serious injury, a serious illness, or death
· This in turn, creates a situation where the trainer and/or his immediate family incur serious, financial hardship. Where this hardship exists, it will be deemed to be “necessitous financial circumstances”.

An application using the Trust claim form (supplied upon request from the ATA), together with appropriate medical documentation, must be lodged with the ATA. In turn, the panel of three independent, elected Trustees will assess the application, and make a determination upon its acceptance or otherwise. Where accepted, the Trustees will also determine the level of financial support to be provided.

The Trust does not discriminate between trainers. It applies to all trainers irrespective of the type of license held, irrespective of which state or territory the trainer resides in, or whether they hold a current ATA membership or not.

For further details or to obtain an Application for Assistance Form, please contact

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