Best Price Guarantee



Racing Supplies Pty Ltd (ACN: 005 757 344 / ABN: 22 005 757 344) hereinafter referred to as (RSU) strives to deliver everyday low prices on our wide range of products. However, if you find a cheaper advertised price on an identical in-stock item including delivery from a genuine competitor hereinafter referred to as (“Item”), RSU will beat the price subject to our Best Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions.

NB: - Today’s price in-store or online may be even lower than advertised, as RSU constantly checks our prices as part of our endeavours to deliver everyday low prices.

Best Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions

1) The customer agrees to provide evidence of the Item available on the same date of purchase from RSU.

2) Best Price Guarantee is only available to the customer on the date of purchase; and

  • will not be retrospectively applied; and
  • is subject to the customer complying with RSU terms and conditions of trade; and
  • may be subject to the RSU Standard Delivery Conditions; and
  • may be amended or Terminated at any time without notice.

3) Best Price Guarantee does not apply where:

  • the Item is from an online store only, and does not have a physical retail showroom/store that is located and currently open for regular trading in Australia;
  • the Item is conditional, or a price determined after the allowance of any amount for, or is part of a promotion involving, financing, installation, delivery, bundling, rebates, cash back offer, free or bonus offer, trade discount, stock clearance or any limited quantity promotion;
  • the Item is offered on the basis of the customer purchasing a commercial or bulk quantity;
  • the Item is offered under any promotion with a third party (including, but not limited to, promotions with newspapers, exhibitions, trade fairs, or other special events);
  • the Item is not identical to that intended for purchase by the customer from RSU;
  • the Item is not currently in-stock with the competitor;
  • the Item is not advertised (including, but not limited to, other customers besides the customer);
  • the Item is advertised and/or quoted by Wholesalers or Distributors who sell direct to the public, parallel importers, grey importers, direct importers, fire or liquidation sales, rack, clearance and auction or similar warehouse outlets;
  • the competitor has discounted the Item by use of coupons, loyalty rewards, redemption of frequent flyer miles or similar and other offers or incentives to reduce the total cost;
  • the competitor has discounted the Item on the basis that the Item is a display stock only, end of line, seconds, refurbished/repaired lines, ex demo, limited quantity, clearance, trade or factory seconds, second hand or similar, damaged, soiled, expiry related concerns;
  • the Item is the result of an error by the competitor; and/or RSU is unable to verify, using reasonable means, that the Item, in particular the cheaper price, is available for purchase.
  • RSU under its own discretion is unable to supply and/or beat the price of the Item.

If in the event that RSU is shown and acknowledges not having met the Best Price Guarantee, at the sole discretion of RSU, the provision of the cheaper price or the inclusion of bonus product to a value that betters the cheaper price will be the sole and exclusive compensation payable to the customer.