Credit Facility


Credit Facility

The convenience of consolidating purchases and the benefits of award points programs associated with many debit & credit cards has resulted in less demand to operate a credit facility. Most of the major debit and credit cards are accepted by the Australian Trainers’ Association for membership subscriptions and by Racing Supplies Saddlery for our wide range of discounted horse products and supplies.

Payments by debit or credit cards for transactions on your credit facility may incur an additional fee that is due and included upon processing your payment.

How to apply?

If you prefer to use a credit facility with Australian Trainers' Association and/or Racing Supplies Pty Ltd ("ATA") then you will need to apply by completing and submitting the following forms:

1. Commercial Credit Application
2. Privacy Act Authority & Acknowledgement

To obtain the forms simply click on the above links to download or contact the ATA Head Office to request them from the General Manager - Finance.

Please note: upon assessment of any application the ATA may also require a guarantee and if so will advise accordingly.

How to lodge the forms with ATA?

1. Post - Australian Trainers' Association
400 Epsom Road
Flemington Vic 3031

2. Facsimile - (03) 9372 1699

3. Email -

What happens next?

1. When the ATA receives the information from you, the forms and content will be checked to ensure that ATA is able to assess the application. If for any reason the ATA is not able to proceed, a representative will contact you to discuss the application further.

2. ATA will then assess your application, including to seek trade references from those that you have nominated.

3. ATA will inform you of the outcome of your application and subject to approval also provide any account details necessary.

4. The time to assess an application hinges mainly on the response from trade references assuming that the application details are in order. Under normal circumstances you should allow from 7 to 10 business days.