Diversity Policy


Diversity & Inclusion Policy

What is this Policy?
A mindset and behavioural policy adopted by the Australian Trainers’ Association (ATA), and embodied within the professional and social fabric of the national organisation and its employees.

To whom does this Policy apply?
To both the organisation and all our employees, without exception.
It is practiced between employees, and will be evident in the behaviours and mannerisms shown towards any third party with whom we engage, for example, members, customers, associations, industry bodies, sponsors, contractors and suppliers.

So what is Diversity?
Diversity is widely evident across society, and exists in many, many forms.
For example, this includes nationality, race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, physical abilities, social background, family status, marital status, age, experience and political belief.

How does the ATA put this Policy into practice?
Through a combination of behaviours, practices and actions, in the physical, written or verbal form, in the workplace and in public, by all persons employed by the ATA, or issued by the organisation itself, which:

  • Demonstrates respect for every individual
  • Avoids any act of discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation
  • Avoids any act of racism, ageism or religious persecution
  • Promotes equal opportunity of employment based on merit
  • Exhibits correct social manners and behaviours
  • Exhibits acceptance and tolerance
  • Creates an openly inclusive environment

An acceptance of diversity by all, for all