Free Nomination System In Jeopardy / Victoria / 21 Jul, 2010

Trainers are reminded that if they wish to continue with the Free Nomination System, there will need to be a significant reduction in the number of Trainers seemingly abusing the system with multiple entries, of which they often have little intention of accepting.

This problem has been raised with the ATA previously and we again appeal for the cooperation of trainers to ensure the future of a system that continues to deliver substantial financial savings to owners and trainers and significantly reduces their own administration costs.

Racing Victoria Limited has produced a discussion paper for consideration by the ATA Victorian Branch Committee, reviewing the operation of the ATA initiated Free Nomination System in Victoria, which will be discussed in detail at the ATA Vic Branch Committee Meeting scheduled for 9 August.

To access a copy of RVL’s discussion paper, please CLICK HERE

An RVL survey of trainers found that the overwhelming number of respondents strongly supported the continuation of the Free Nomination System, a view that has also been expressed to the ATA.

We strongly urge those trainers who are making excessive nominations with the same horses to refrain from this practice to ensure that the continuation of the Free Nomination System is not jeopardised.

If Trainers wish to provide any written feedback or suggestions for improvement of the current system, which the ATA will present to RVL, please CLICK HERE