IMPORTANT NOTICE – Australian Rules of Racing proposed NEW Rule AR.64M CORTICOSTEROID PREPARATIONS / National / 13 Jan, 2014

ATA Chief Executive John Alducci has expressed the Association’s concerns with the Australian Racing Board (ARB) over the lack of consultation with stakeholders relating to Australian Rules of Racing proposed New Rule AR.64M as it applies to the administration and use of Corticosteroid preparations on racehorses. The New Rule was included in an ARB circular which was emailed to our members last Thursday 9 January and is outlined below.

AR.64M A horse that has been subjected to an intra-articular administration of a corticosteroid preparation, whether the preparation is administered alone or in combination with other preparations, is ineligible to participate in any race or official trial at any time during the 10 Clear Days (as defined in AR.1) following midnight on the day of the administration.
Note: For the purpose of AR.64M and by way of example, if a horse was subjected to an intra-articular administration at any time on a Monday (1st day of month), that horse would be ineligible to race until the Friday in the following week (12th day of month).”

As a result, the ARB has agreed to engage in a formal consultative process and seek feedback from the ATA, the Australian Equine Veterinary Practitioners Association (AEVPA), and other relevant stakeholders on the proposed New Rule.

Importantly, the February 1, 2014 date for the introduction of the New Rule no longer applies. Feedback from the stakeholder groups will be taken into consideration before a final decision is made on the Rule, which if introduced, will be deferred until May 1, 2014.

We strongly urge members to provide feedback to the ATA by email or in writing on this important issue, and seek the professional advice of your own veterinarian on the potential impact of this Rule on the training and racing of your racehorses.