IMPORTANT NOTICE – New Helmets / National / 09 Dec, 2015

The debate over the suitability of the new track work and race riding helmets is gathering momentum, with articles and opinion pieces in the press daily.

From the perspective of the Australian Trainers’ Association (ATA), we have read the available promotional and educational literature. We have also had numerous discussions with Racing Australia (RA) - the proponent of the change, and the Australian Jockey’s Association (AJA) - whose members will be most affected by the change - to fully appreciate the ‘pros and cons’ behind their respective positions.

The ATA also appreciate that our own members will be directly affected by this change. At one end of the scale, the cost of the new helmets is significantly more than the current versions in use. At the other, many members ride their horses in track work, so it is critical that the suitability of the product be addressed in absolute terms.

How many members have had access to the new helmets? How many have trialled them personally? What is your feedback as a result? And what has been the feedback to members from track or race riders who have trialled the new helmets?

At this juncture, the date for making the new helmets mandatory is March 2016. Accordingly, we ask for members to speak up on this subject NOW, so we can make a constructive contribution on your behalf to the current debate.

To provide your feedback in writing, please do so by CLICKING HERE.

Alternatively, contact the office on (03) 9372-1688 should any one wish to discuss this matter with myself.

Kind Regards

Chief Executive