IMPORTANT NOTICE – Random Testing of Track Riders / National / 24 Dec, 2009

Trainers are reminded of the Australian Rule of Racing - AR 81A and AR 81B, relating to the random testing of track riders. Both AR 81A and 81B have been a Rule of Racing nationally for some seven years.

The Rules have been highlighted in recent times following the penalties imposed by RVL Stewards, and upheld by the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board, on two track riders in Victoria. Both riders were found to have exceeded the 0.02% alcohol level for track riders, specified under Rule AR 81B.

The 0.02% alcohol level is the official national workplace standard which has been adopted by the ARB into an Australian Rule of Racing - AR 81B.

Trainers are also reminded of their obligations as employers to ensure that track riders are aware of and comply with AR 81B.