IMPORTANT NOTICE – Security for Training Fees (SFTF) Update / National / 03 Dec, 2015

All members should be aware that we will very shortly enter into the education phase for the new Security for Training Fees (SFTF) system.

Racing Australia (RA) is presently finalising a video and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) campaign, which will be promoted through their website in the next ten days. Naturally, we urge all members to visit their website and familiarise themselves with the new agreement, its operation and the many benefits it will offer.

The Australian Trainers’ Association (ATA) will compliment this education program with our own advice to members later this month. We will also provide ongoing updates on this subject, in the run up to the National launch date of April 2016, as necessary.

We are excited the hard work invested by the ATA into this exercise is about to bear fruit. This is also a great example of industry stakeholders (including RA and the owners associations) as a collective working together to achieve a broad industry benefit.

As always, I would encourage members to express your views in response to this notice, either by email, or simply contact the office should any one wish to discuss this matter with myself.

Kind Regards

Chief Executive