IMPORTANT NOTICE to Trainers on Administration of Intravenous Drips / Victoria / 05 Mar, 2014

Racing Victoria Chief Steward Terry Bailey has provided a Notice for Trainers’ information relating to Intravenous Drips and the enforcement of the Local Rule 178AA, regarding the stomach tubing and administration of alkalizing agents one clear day prior to the horse racing.

CLICK HERE to view RV's Notice to Trainers on Administration of Intravenous Drips

The ATA sought and received clarification on the Local Rule in Victoria and the position of Racing NSW Chief Steward and on the National Rule as it exists, from Terry Bailey. The ATA has informed Terry Bailey and RV of our own position strongly supporting the Local Rule adopted in Victoria permitting the intravenous administration of the therapeutic substances specified in the Local Rule and referred to in the Trainers Notice by Terry Bailey.

We also note, agree and support the position articulated by Terry Bailey that under the Victorian Local Rule 178AA, the horse El Roca would have been permitted to take its place in the race from which it was withdrawn last Saturday.

The ATA has expressed to RV its strong support for the Victorian position and have also urged that RV support its adoption as the National Rule by the ARB.