INDUSTRIAL UPDATE – NT Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations | 29 October 2021

COVID-19 Protocols
Government Health Directions
Vaccination requirements for Licensed Persons

Dear Trainer,

TRNT issued a circular on 20 October 2021 to all trainers, alerting you to the recent NT Government Health Directions (“Directions”) mandating COVID vaccinations for various classes of worker.

The TRNT circular also advised the effect of the Directions is that ALL THEIR LICENSED PERSONS in the Northern Territory will fall under the captured class of worker.

CLICK HERE to access the NT Government Health Directions for vaccination.

What must I now do personally?

You need either adhere to the timelines for receiving first (12 November 2021) and second (25 December 2021) COVID dosages, or alternatively, establish with your medical practitioner that you can obtain a lawful exemption for the Specified Government Reasons (noting these are medical based only).

What must I now do with my workers?

You NEED TO DISCUSS the NT Government Health Directions with your employees/contract staff, and CLEARLY EXPLAIN the vaccination mandate that now applies to all TRNT licensed persons.
Subsequently, you MUST obtain satisfactory evidence from each individual in your employ, which either validates their status in accordance with the prescribed timelines, or confirms they have a lawful exemption.

What are my options if a worker refuses to be vaccinated, or has not provided satisfactory evidence within prescribed timelines for their vaccination(s) or lawful exemption?

Firstly, you MUST not allow that individual to enter the workplace. Your failure to prevent this from occurring could result in you being fined e.g.: $5,024 for a sole trader, $25,120 for a business.

Secondly, for any period of non-compliance with the Directions, you have a legal right to stand down your employee(s). You should subsequently advise TRNT of any action taken in this regard for these individuals.

CLICK HERE to access a Stand Down template letter or for all templates click here: ATA web site Templates page.

Members who have any queries on any of these matters should contact the ATA’s Industrial Relations Team for assistance on (03) 9372 1688 (option 2) or email

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