INFORMATION BULLETIN – A Trainer’s Obligations when Engaging Track Work Riders / Victoria / 02 Mar, 2016

The Australian Trainers’ Association (ATA) recently held an information session at Kilmore Racing Club Inc., on the subject of trainers engaging track work riders, with the focus on key compliance, legal and business considerations.

Subjects discussed included the trainer’s responsibilities to track riders (the latter as either an employee or where self employed and operating with a registered ABN) and visa versa, relative to:

> Superannuation Guarantee Fund requirements,
> WorkCover / Worker’s Compensation,
> Australian Taxation Office (ATO) treatment,
> The Horse & Greyhound Training Award (HGTA) 2010, and
> Public Liability & Personal Accident Insurances

The session sparked spirited discussion amongst the 19 attendees. Feedback following the event indicated the session was extremely informative, with the handouts supplied by the ATA simple to follow and to the point. Overall, the event was particularly helpful in highlighting a number of “do’s” and “don’ts” for trainers aiming to maintain a compliant business.

If any member feels they and their local training association would benefit from a similar session like this one, please CLICK HERE to provide your request in writing.

Chief Executive