INFORMATION BULLETIN – Abandoned Race Meetings & Associated Wage and Allowance Entitlements / National / 4 Dec 2017

There have been a number of race meeting abandonments around the states recently, primarily due to inclement weather. Whatever the reason, where this abandonment occurs on the actual race day, there may be financial obligations that remain with the Trainer for payment of employee allowances and wages.

These circumstances are explained below:

If the employee has left the stables to fulfil their employment obligations, the Trainer remains responsible, under Clause 14.1, 14.1 (a) & (b) of the HGTA 2010, for:

  • A racecourse attendance allowance, which (as at 30.11.17) is $23.70 where the racecourse is within 75 kilometres of the employee’s place of employment, or $23.70 plus a further $5.58 for each additional 50 kilometres or part thereof, and
  • An allowance of $11.37 for each meal, unless the employer supplies the meal.

The employee must be paid for any hours worked at the employee’s appropriate hourly rate of pay and receive the above allowances.

A reminder about casual employees; these persons must be engaged for a minimum daily period of three hours, and not more than once on each day. Therefore, if engaging casual employees for strapping duties on race days, they must receive a minimum of three hours at the appropriate rate of pay, plus the above allowances.

Trainers should ensure that race day costs, including race day strapping expenses, are itemised on their Owner accounts, along with any credit provided by way of an abandoned race meeting compensation fee, which may be applicable in your state (refer to your PRA web-site for details).

The ATA’s Industrial Relations Manager is contactable on (03) 9372 1688 or email should Members require further assistance.