INFORMATION BULLETIN – Amendment to Australian Rules of Racing – Jockey Helmets / National / 21 Apr, 2016

Members are advised of an Amendment to the Australian Rules of Racing, effective 21 April 2016.

European authorities have approved VG 01.040 and PAS 015:2011 standards necessitating additions to the list of approved helmet standards in Australian Rule of Racing 87.

As a result, AR.87 has been amended as follows:

“AR.87. Every licensed or registered person or permit holder shall when mounted on a horse wear a properly affixed helmet which conforms to one of the standards that have been approved by the Australian Racing Board.

Note: Pursuant to AR.87 the Australian Racing Board has ordered that –

a) The following standards are approved by the Australian Racing Board:

(i) AS/NZS 3838 2006;
(ii) United States (US) ASTM F11 63-01;
(iii) British Standards (BS) EN 1384/1996 onwards;
(iv) United States (US) ASTM F11 63-04a (reapproved 2011);
(v) PAS 015:2011;
(vi) VG 01.040, Recommendation for Use, 12/12/2014.

b) all helmets must be fitted with a nylon interlocking chinstrap clip attachment.

c) all helmets must be clearly marked with a date of manufacture.

d) the use of helmets is subject to the conditions of Australian Rule of Racing 87AA.”

Date of Effect : 21 April 2016

Kind Regards

Chief Executive