INFORMATION BULLETIN – Approved Safety Vests / National / 08 Mar, 2016

Racing Australia, effective 1 February 2016, introduced an amendment to Rule AR.87B regarding the requirement for riders when mounted on a horse to be wearing an Approved Safety Vest.

In the ATA’s opinion there is some ambiguity in the rule as it relates to track work.

Some time ago, a trainer’s employee who suffered fatal injuries in a track work fall was found to be wearing an unapproved vest.

During the course of an investigation by the WorkSafe authorities a similar unapproved vest is alleged to have been found on the premises.

Whilst we are seeking clarification and will advise you further, in the meantime in order to protect your own legal position we suggest all trainers ensure any employee who rides horses as part of their duties only be permitted to wear one of the Approved vests described in AR87B(2). As at today these are:

Hows Racesafe, Ozvest, Racelite Pro, Vipa, Vipa 1,
USG Flexi Race, Airowear Swift.

We also became aware of an allegation of stirrup leather failure, and we therefore suggest all equipment (especially reins, stirrup leathers, girths, surcingles, helmets and vests) should be checked for condition, wear, and Approved status compliance.

Any equipment not passing examination should be removed from the licensed premises immediately.

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Alternatively, contact the office on (03) 9372-1688 should any one wish to discuss this matter with myself.

Kind Regards

Chief Executive