INFORMATION BULLETIN – Public Promotion of Shares in Racehorses / National / 06 Jun, 2017

Dear Member,

The Australian Trainers’ Association (ATA) has produced a simple reference document for members’ use, which will help explain the Commonwealth Legislation (Corporations Act 2001) and Australian Rules of Racing that governs this activity where such constitutes a Managed Investment Scheme.

The document also includes example advertisements demonstrating the type of language trainers can use to promote their horses without contravening federal law/Rules of Racing, and that which you can only use where you hold the appropriate Australian Financial Services License (AFSL).

Lastly, the document includes reference to useful web-site links and contacts should you want more information on this subject.

CLICK HERE to access the ATA Guidance Notes for Trainers Publicly Promoting, Selling and/or Leasing Shareholdings in Racehorses.

Should you wish to provide your feedback in writing in relation to this matter, please do so by CLICKING HERE

Alternatively, contact the office on (03) 9372-1688 should any one wish to discuss this matter with myself.

Kind Regards

Andrew Nicholl
Chief Executive Officer