INFORMATION BULLETIN – Rules of Racing Consultation Process / National / 09 Mar, 2016

Dear Member,

The Australian Trainers’ Association (ATA) is at present heavily engaged in the review of Rules of Racing amendments proposed by Racing Australia (RA). The Rules number 11 in total, and include amongst others, a proposed race day stand down period to apply following a Hendra Virus vaccination, race day treatment protocols pre and post race, padded whips to apply at track work and stewards obligations when a horse gains an unfair race start.

Commencing 2016, the introduction of new or altered Rules of Racing will occur twice a year, with the final product gazetted in June and December of each year. This is a quantum improvement on past practice, and one strongly advocated for by the ATA. Previous practice saw Rules introduced intermittently and frequently, leading to stakeholders supporting the process suffering “Rule fatigue”. This new practice will allow for better structure and planning by stakeholders. (NB: The only exception to the new practice is where a Rule, new or altered, is deemed imperative. In this situation, the process to allow for the introduction of same will be an immediate one).

In the lead up to any Rule introduction, the review process is extensive. From an ATA perspective, we seek input from our state and federal executive members across the country, together with legal advice on any issue a Rule presents from a conflict or enforceability perspective with other Rules or laws. Post this phase, the ATA enters into dialogue with the Principal Racing Authorities (PRA’s), to represent our associations’ position on the proposed Rule. Consultation is then an ongoing process, until each Rule reaches a final status from a PRA perspective, leaving the parties to submit the Rule and recommendations to RA for consideration, review, revision as necessary and ultimately, formal introduction.

The new process will run over four months, lengthy in itself, however necessary to ensure all stakeholders can contribute to development of a workable end product.

We will keep you informed of developments around the current 11 Rules, and in particular, highlighting where potential exists for any proposed Rule to have a marked effect on trainers, training practices and your obligations therewith.

Should you wish to provide your feedback in writing in relation to this matter, please do so by CLICKING HERE

Alternatively, contact the office on (03) 9372-1688 should any one wish to discuss this matter with myself.

Kind Regards

Chief Executive