INFORMATION BULLETIN – Tasmania Update / Tasmania / 18 Oct, 2017

The Annual General Meeting of the ATA Tasmanian Branch was held Wednesday 20 September, and I am pleased to provide an update on several key matters discussed at the meeting:

Office Bearers were elected for the new racing season, with Nigel Schuuring re-elected President of the Tasmanian Branch, Marion Dalco Vice-President and Tanya Hanson Secretary of the Branch.

Graeme McCulloch, a member of the Committee, was also elected as the states second representative (with Nigel Schuuring) for the ATA Federal Executive.

Tasracing Chief Executive Vaughan Lynch confirmed prize money increases of almost 5% would be effective from 1 October.  In addition, he announced the ATA proposal to pay prize money down to fifth place would also be introduced from 1 October.

He further advised the AGM that another ATA proposal, for no worker’s compensation payment deductions for the fifth placed runner’s prize money, had been accepted by Tasracing.

Vaughan Lynch indicated that if wagering on Tasmanian racing continued to prosper over the next few months, more increases in prize money could potentially be announced early in the new year. The ATA expresses its appreciation to both Tasracing and Vaughan Lynch in particular, for current support of the ATA prize money initiatives, and their continuing focus on delivering future, meaningful prize money increases.

The ATA has joined Tasracing and Tasmanian stakeholder groups lobbying the State Government for financial support for the Tasmanian racing industry, which has endured a prolonged period of stagnation and neglect to the detriment of the racing industry and its participants. Like its counterparts in the mainland States, thoroughbred racing in Tasmania is a significant contributor to employment and Government revenue, and continues to play a key role in the State’s culture and social life. Unlike mainland State Governments however, the Tasmanian State Government continues to refuse to support Tasmanian racing financially, which from the mainland States evidence has generated real value and revenue through Government investment and initiatives. The ATA will continue to lobby the state Government, and seek commitments from both political parties, to invest and protect Tasmanian racing for the benefit of the participants specifically, and the Tasmanian economy in general.

The lingering issue of a much needed upgrade to the Elwick racetrack remains unresolved. The absence of a clear alternative (racetrack) for a 12 month period to enable a renovation of Elwick to be completed, has drastically reduced the number of feasible options. One such option of racing on the inner track while the renovation of Elwick progresses remains under consideration. The ATA will continue to be an integral part of the discussions, as a feasible solution is pursued.

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Chief Executive