INDUSTRIAL UPDATE – VIC Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations | 15 September 2021

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations

Dear Trainer,

Victorian license holders this morning received a Racing Victoria (RV) update, advising of their decision to mandate all participants must be single dose COVID vaccinated by 16 October 2021, and dual dose COVID vaccinated by 27 November 2021, to gain access to a licensed premises (which includes racecourses, training centres and stable complexes) from that date onwards. The only exceptions to this mandate will be for individuals who have been issued with a lawful exemption.

To support this decision, RV sought advice from their Chief Medical Officer, and obtained legal advice. The RV Board was presented with all information, and after assessing the pros and cons of same, ultimately, resolved to support the introduction of this mandatory ruling.

As stated within the ATA quote included in RV’s communication, we understand there will be individuals who will express concern at this turn of events. In particular, taking ones’ personal choice away is never an easy thing to do, and for many, this will simply not sit comfortably with them. For others however, they will take a broader view, and focus on the greater good to be derived from RV’s action; a positive step towards protecting the health of participants, the continuance of racing, and the livelihood of those 25,000 people employed in this industry.

Our role as your Association at this time, is to assist you to work through this process, and by extension, your staff. Below are web sites we encourage you and your staff to visit, to ensure you and they are up to date on all the applicable medical advice and options that surround COVID and vaccinations. Please share these sites with your staff – and ensure you follow up with them on this subject regularly:

Lastly, with the timelines here relatively tight before the mandate takes effect, we also strongly encourage trainers to contact this office to personally discuss any general issues or concern you or your staff may have – as best as we can, we will try and answer these ourselves, or by working through, or connecting you with the right people at RV and their support teams.

Should you wish to provide your feedback in writing in relation to these matters, please do so by clicking here.

Kind Regards

Chief Executive