INFORMATION BULLETIN – Whip Rule Review / National / 29 Jul, 2016

Dear Member,

We reported in a members’ update in late June that Racing Australia (RA) had formed a sub-committee to consult with stakeholders, for the purpose of obtaining their feedback on the success or otherwise of the amended whip rule. The amended rule came into force on 1 December 2015.

The Australian Trainers’ Association (ATA) is in the midst of completing its submission for the sub-committee. To ensure we represent a diverse opinion on the subject, and from a large cross section of trainers, we are seeking feedback from our members Australia wide.

We historically know from our many conversations with trainers nationally that there was widespread concern when the amended rule was first proposed. Many believed it was an unnecessary change, others were concerned about the negative impact this would have on their horses, and in particular, for horses engaged in staying races. Clearly, the jockeys have struggled to come to terms with the rule - breaches resulting in reprimands run into the many hundreds, at last count, jockey suspensions number 20+, and fines across the country for rule breaches has just ticked over the $330,000 mark!

Beyond our members, we are also liaising with other key associations to ensure we gather as broad an industry perspective as possible - the reason being that this is not the time to act in isolation on a subject that has implications for trainer, owner and rider!

Our submission will be sent to Racing Australia on 5 August; accordingly, we urge members to contribute their views on this important subject to the ATA, and invite you to do so by simply CLICKING HERE, and submitting your email response.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely

Andrew Nicholl
Chief Executive Officer