MEDIA RELEASE – Racing Australia / 1 April 2020

MEDIA RELEASE - From Racing Australia Ltd


Racing Australia has been working closely with the Principal Racing Authorities (PRAs), to ensure the continuation of Thoroughbred Racing across Australia through analysis, advocacy and the continuity of services.

Racing Australia recognises its responsibility to provide leadership during these significantly stressful and uncertain times by undertaking analysis to provide information to all levels of government that quantify the severe impacts COVID-19 virus will have on our industry in the coming months.

No industry or sport covers the breadth of our nation like Thoroughbred Racing:

  • Economic contribution of around $9.5 billion with 51 per cent or $4.8 billion achieved in regional Australia.
  • Direct and indirect 74,518 FTE jobs nationally.
  • Nearly 160,000 participate in the Thoroughbred Racing Industry as employee or volunteer. (63 per cent reside in regional areas)
  • Includes 21,425 volunteers who assist and support racing clubs and participants.
  • No industry or sport covers the breadth of our nation like Thoroughbred Racing.

“We understand that the federal and state governments have to act in the national interest and protect the welfare of its citizens and we totally support the actions that governments are undertaking. We also make the commitment that our industry will do everything within its power to comply with all the changes that are being enforced by both the federal, state and territory governments”. said Racing Australia Chairman Greg Nichols.

The Australian Thoroughbred Racing Industry’s commitment to maintaining global-leading standards of equine welfare and the health and safety of our participants is a top priority and will not be diminished in the uncertain times ahead.

Racing Australia will continue to be uncompromising in its resolve to achieve full conformance of measures authorised by the National Cabinet and be pro-active in implementing additional stringent measures that augment the National Cabinet’s initiatives.

1 April 2020

For further information:
Greg Nichols, Chairman, Racing Australia (02) 8072 1900

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Racing Australia Ltd (ACN 105 994 330)