Message from ATA President – Colin Alderson

Dear Member,

In 2013, the Australian Trainers’ Association (ATA) Federal Executive commissioned Laysell Consultancy to conduct a study on its business model and operations.

The Final Report presented to the Federal Executive acknowledged and validated the industrial role of the ATA. The Study also found that the ATA was well managed and administered and complied with all the obligations required of an industrial organisation by Fair Work Australia.

Furthermore, the findings concluded that the ATA had a very sound financial base, which enables it to operate as an independent organisation in the Australian racing industry. This underpins the ATA’s ability to service its members with the support required in a range of essential areas of business operations.

Importantly, the Study identified that the most prominent and urgent concern for Members is the ongoing issue of unpaid debts to trainers.

The ATA has sought a resolution for this issue through various Principal Racing Authorities and the Australian Racing Boards (ARB), and achieved a breakthrough in 2013 when we collaborated with TROA to formulate an Owners and Trainers Security Model.

This led to establishing Working Parties with Racing Victoria and Racing NSW to further develop the Model for approval by the Boards of these respective State Principal Racing Authorities.

With approval already secured from Racing NSW late last year, the ATA anticipates approval from the Board of Racing Victoria, which will then accelerate implementation of the Model to resolve this long standing problem.

As an integral part of addressing industry wide issues on behalf of its members, the ATA has also taken on board feedback from Members to improve its communications strategy.

The ATA is in the process of upgrading its website, and has undertaken to provide information and updates via email, twitter and SMS. Additionally, the ATA will develop and implement a plan to deliver regular and effective communication with members and key industry stakeholders.

Committed to offering the best service to its members, the ATA encourages and values members’ feedback and we look forward to updating you on our progress.

Yours Sincerely,

Federal President