New Board For Racing NSW / National / 19 Dec, 2008

After many months of controversy and setbacks, a new independent Board of Racing NSW has finally been appointed and met for the first time today Friday December 19.

The ATA welcomes the appointment of the new independent Board and wishes it well as it sets out to tackle and address the many pressing, contentious and challenging issues that it has inherited.

The Australian racing industry needs a strong, vibrant and well managed NSW racing industry. As Australia’s largest racing state, NSW has plenty of catching up to do with Victoria, while to the north and in the west, the racing industry is progressing at a faster rate than its southern counterparts.

The initial reaction to the composition of the new Board suggests that it has been well received and accepted by the wider racing community.

From an industry perspective, the Australian racing industry needs a strong and united industry with the governing bodies in all States working together to develop a cohesive strategy to drive the industry forward during these challenging times.