NSF Super News – Spring 2014 / National / 11 Oct, 2014

Employer News – Spring 2014

September 26, 2014

Welcome to the latest edition of NSF Super News for our supporting employers. In this edition, we look at the new SuperStream obligations that are in place, supporting members through the claims process, Centrelink changes that may affect those considering a pension, and a look at NSF Super on TV, plus much more. You can download a copy of the newsletter here.

Are you SuperStream ready?

If you have 20 or more employees, SuperStream applies to your business from 1 July 2014 – with some flexibility through to 30 June 2015 – Don’t wait for the deadline… click here for the full story.

About our insurance and claims process

We are committed to looking after the best interest of members’ and beneficiaries, and aim to provide simplicity, clarity and support during the claims process. The following may be useful if any of your employees who are NSF Super members ever need to make a claim… click here for the full story.

Taking control of retirement with a NSF Super Pension

As your employees get closer to the age where they can access their super savings, one of the key decisions is what to do with it?… click here for the full story.

NSF Super on TV – A Bob for the Job

NSF Super recently embarked on a local television branding campaign. With an aim to build on the distinctive “Fetch. Rollover. Stay” campaigns already established, we went searching for the perfect Jack Russell to star in a series of television commercials… click here for the full story.

Updating your employees details

Staying in regular contact with our members is an important part of the service experience with NSF Super. We rely on our contributing employers to help us ensure we have the most up to date contact details for our members (your valued employees)… click here for the full story.

New member application forms

For employers who haven’t yet made the switch to the much easier online process for joining new members (through EmployerAccess) – there is still the option to supply a printed Member Application Form. This form was recently updated in June 2014, and is much simpler to complete and also allows members to provide us with all the personal information we need to open their account, including:

All contact details including mobile number, email address and TFN
Investment options
Beneficiary nominations, Insurance options
Communication preferences
Please ensure that if you are still using printed forms, that you are using this latest version (dated 06/14 at bottom of page 1). If you need a supply of forms, simply contact the NSF Super team.

Information sourced from: www.nsfsuper.com.au