Owners Accounts Bureau


Owners Accounts Bureau Service


The ATA has processed Owners accounts for many Trainers since the early 1980's. The costs of developing software and purchase of hardware in those days resulted in a substantial investment at the time for Trainers. The ATA was a pioneer in the industry by developing Owners accounts software that was operational on our internal systems with many Trainers taking advantage of the bureau service.

The unique nature of the industry requires a tailored debtor management software package that primarily can simplify accounting for horse charges in accordance with ownership shares. In addition to performing the unique accounting functions, the software also needs to facilitate many other features required by Trainers that compliment business operations, and important client/owner communications.

With the evolving landscape of software and operating systems it was clear that a specialist business was required that was committed to the ongoing development of our internal bureau software. The ATA engaged the services of Wilmat Application Software (WAS) to redevelop our initial systems. WAS has developed and maintained some of the software systems used by the ATA for many years. The ATA continues to use Owners accounts and Payroll software developed by WAS for internal bureau processing.

The ATA informs that it is not a beneficiary of any related software or service sales by WAS and does not constitute or imply endorsement, recommendation or favouring of the products or services provided by WAS.

Current Bureau Service

The following is a general description of the Owners accounts bureau service available for Members from the Australian Trainers’ Association (ATA).

The Trainer provides the ATA with all information required for processing.

Amendments, Horse & Owner transactions are processed on a monthly basis to produce professional invoices and statements with remittance/payment options.

The ATA is able to mail and/or email accounts direct to your owners or return them to the Trainer thereby providing the option of including other relevant information for your owners.

The following information is provided on a monthly basis:

  • Owner Trial Balance listing Current, 30 day, 60 day and 90 days and over. (Total outstanding per owner with a further breakdown of balances per horse)
  • Owners itemised Invoices and Statements
  • Copy of Owners itemised Invoices and Statements
  • Owner and Horse Ownership reports.
  • Income and Expense report.

Price List