Payroll Bureau


Payroll Bureau Service

The following is a general description of the payroll bureau service available for Members from the Australian Trainers’ Association (ATA).

The Trainer informs the ATA of all employee details and their respective hours of work/attendances that are processed by the ATA to provide the Trainer with relevant payroll reports and employees pay advice per pay period.

Year-end payment summaries and employer reconciliation returns are processed by ATA to provide the Trainer with the information required to provide to their employees and lodge with the Australian Taxation Office.

You receive the following information:

Weekly information

  • Employees pay advice.
  • Employees pay detail report.

Monthly information

  • Employees superannuation report
  • Pay codes & PAYE total report
  • Employees leave entitlements report
  • Employees full detail report

Year end information

  • Employees payment summaries
  • Employers payment summary annual reporting

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