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INFORMATION BULLETIN – Workers Compensation (Tas) | 29 July 2020

Workers’ Compensation Dear Trainer, The rising cost of workers’ compensation premiums has been raised as a major concern for trainers at recent meetings of both the ATA Tasmanian Branch and Thoroughbred Advisory Network (TAN). Concerns include the severity of increases in recent years, to the financial impact on many trainers’ business. CEO of Tasracing Paul…
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ATA PODCAST – Episode 3 / 20 September 2019

20 September 2019 | No. 3 Dear Member, We are delighted to bring you our third Podcast ATA Podcast Ep3 In this edition, we discuss: • Trackrider projects • RVL policy for splitting races • RVL race day policy for taking pre-race swabs • Accident and Income Insurance for trainers who ride trackwork Access the…
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