Track Preparation / Victoria / 21 Aug, 2009

The ATA, almost on a weekly basis, receives well founded complaints from trainers about the preparation of tracks.

Most recently, at the Sale race meeting held on Thursday 20 August a large number of concerns were raised regarding the hardness of the track prior to the running of the first race.

To make matters worse with the arrival of rain, the track then became very slippery necessitating aeration by track staff.

The track was clearly not prepared in line with RVL’s Track Preparation Policy, which specifies that tracks must be prepared with some give in them prior to the start of the first race.

The ATA has again raised the issue of the management of track preparation with Racing Victoria Limited, reaffirming the view that all tracks must be prepared in line with this Policy irrespective of weather forecasts, and are awaiting RVL’s response.