TRAINERS POLL – Reduced Early Scratching Fees and Acceptances for Saturday Metropolitan Meetings / Victoria / 23 Aug, 2010

At the recent ATA Victorian Branch Committee meeting, the issue of introducing a reduced scratching fee at 5pm the day before a race meeting to enable trainers that have emergency runner’s to better plan their activities, was raised with RVL.

Subsequent to this, Racing Victoria advised that they are discussing the change in acceptance time for Saturday metropolitan meetings from a Thursday to a Wednesday.

In this regard, Racing Victoria is proposing to trial as a package from 1 December 2010 for six months:

> Half price scratching fees for horses withdrawn 5pm the day prior to a race meeting, and

> The declaration of acceptances on a Wednesday for a Saturday metropolitan race meeting

The ATA will provide feedback to Racing Victoria Limited and seeks Members views on this package.

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