Use of Social Media by Racing Victoria Licensed Personnel / Victoria / 09 Feb, 2012

Social Media including blogs, forums, facebook, twitter, youtube, flicka and other public media is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to communicate with each other in online communities of shared interest and to create, share or consume content.

This Policy provides people who are holders of licences with Racing Victoria and who use social media either as (a) part of their job, or (b) in a personal capacity, with guidance as to the expectations where the social media engagement is about Racing Victoria, the racing industry, its people, and other racing related individuals, clubs or organisations.

The Policy is designed to protect the interests of the sport of thoroughbred racing, the individual engaging, other licensed persons, employees and officials of Racing Victoria and the Victorian thoroughbred racing industry.

In brief, the Policy requires that when engaging in social media you are clear about who you are representing, you take responsibility for ensuring that any references to Racing Victoria are factually correct and accurate and do not breach confidentiality or integrity requirements, and that you show respect for the individuals and communities with which you interact.

It is important to note that this policy does not apply to the personal use of social media platforms by licensed persons where the user makes no reference to Racing Victoria or racing related issues.

This Policy applies to all Racing Victoria licensed persons including all categories of trainers and jockeys, apprentice jockeys, stablehands, trainers’ racing managers, riders’ agents, farriers and bookmakers, and to any other person who is notified that this Policy applies to them.

If you are either officially authorised to represent your employer or Racing Victoria in social media, or if you are discussing Racing Victoria or racing related issues in your personal use of social media platforms, you are required to follow this Policy.

If you require clarification about aspects of this policy and how it applies to your own circumstances, please contact the Racing Victoria Integrity Liaison Steward in the first instance or the Racing Victoria Jockey Welfare Officer.

A breach of this policy by a licensed person may result in that person being called before the Racing Victoria Stewards.

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