WA Industry Supports Stewards’ Findings into Alleged Race Fixing / Western Australia / 15 May, 2013

WA racing’s peak industry bodies are standing by the integrity of stewards’ investigations into alleged race fixing.

Representatives from the WA trainers, owners, breeders and jockey associations have met with stewards to view footage of alleged fixed races named in an anonymous letter, and together all can confirm there is unequivocal support and confidence in the stewards’ determinations.

WA Racing Hall of Fame trainer Fred Kersley said “The trainers, jockeys, breeders and owners very often don’t agree, but today I witnessed unity across the racing industry.

“On the behalf of my racing colleagues I can state we all have absolute confidence in the governance and the integrity of racing in WA.”

WA Trainers' Association president Michael Grant said “I was in the room with my industry colleagues where there was more than 350 years of training experience, including 24 premierships amongst us.

“We viewed the films of each race and were briefed on all the betting movements, and I can categorically state that there was nothing untoward in the running of the races or associated betting fluctuations as stated in the anonymous letter.”

WA Racehorse Owners Association president Harvey Crossman said “The perception of WA racing is at its lowest as a result of an anonymous letter containing only opinions and no evidence.

“It’s regrettable that an unsigned, unattributed anonymous letter has caused so much damage to the integrity of WA’s racing industry.

“The lack of confidence in the industry has the potential to drive owners away from racing, and for this reason I’m gravely concerned.”

Craig Staples represented WA jockeys as the President of the WA Jockeys’ Association along with 12-time premiership winner Paul Harvey. “Having seen all the stewards’ evidence and on the behalf of WA jockeys, I concur with the rest of my racing colleagues. To my knowledge, I am very confident there is nothing untoward happening in WA racing,” Staples said.

Thoroughbred Breeders Association President Ian Riley said, “WA Breeders derive their livelihood from breeding thoroughbreds for WA racing.

“Having viewed the races and all available evidence, we are totally confident in the processes followed by the stewards to investigate what we now know to be false allegations of race fixing.”