Western Australian Trainers Update / Western Australia / 08 Dec, 2011

** Kindly supplied by the Western Australian Racing Trainers Association


A big attendance of trainers at the November committee meeting heard reports of recent controversies before carrying a motion expressing serious concern over some aspects of RWWA’s investigative processes. During the discussion stewards were invited to attend the meeting but would not comment on individual cases or actions taken. They pointed out that the powers of racing investigators including the ability to enter and search properties of licensed persons where they have good reason for doing so. All inquiries were fully video taped. Stewards’ practice was to have two of their number present at all investigations.


The issue of bad debts in racing is again prominent in Western Australia and stewards recently advised a meeting of WA trainers that they are unable to refuse nominations from a defaulting owner unless the debts is proved in a court. However, they have agreed to examine the system operating in Victoria where an embargo is placed on horses until the matter is mediated. Meanwhile, trainers have formed a sub-committee comprising Colin Webster, Michael Grant, Lou Luciani and Bob Maumill to devise a policy to overcome bad debts in the industry.


The Australian Trainers’ Association and the National Jockeys Association are to support bids by WA State associations to secure 10% of all racing stakes for trainers and 5% for jockeys as well as similar percentages for races carrying bonus scheme monies. Western Australia is the only State in Australia where percentages cut out at third place and bonus percentages are not paid to trainers or jockeys.


Changes have been made to the procedure for loading horses into barriers in an effort to cut down the time taken to get a race underway. The horses are being loaded with a 1-3-5-7 order of loading before 2-4-6-8 etc. While trainers agreed to the changes, they also asked that the starter should be on his stand at all times and not helping to load horses.