Workers Compensation – Submission to Workcover NSW / 03 Feb, 2010

One of the most important and costly expenses to racehorse trainers are the premiums that they are required to pay for workers compensation for their employees. It is also one of the areas that the ATA receives many enquiries and complaints about from members across all States, and in particular in NSW.

As part of an on-going review and detailed comparison of workers compensation and its schemes in each Australian State and Territory, the ATA has produced a detailed discussion paper that has been forwarded to Workcover NSW and to Racing NSW.

The NSW Workers Compensation Scheme is different to Schemes in the other States and Territories in that it has a Specialised Insurance Fund, which is controlled by the Principal Racing Authority in that State - Racing NSW.

ATA members in NSW, and visiting trainers to NSW from other States, have raised a variety of issues relating to Workers Compensation in that State and consequently the ATA has examined the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme as a priority.

Our study to date has revealed that for small to medium sized training businesses, the States rank as follows on a cheapest to costliest basis; Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory.

In NSW, the gazetted Workers Compensation Premium (if it were to be operated through a Workcover Agent), is the cheapest in Australia for racehorse trainers.

However, under the local rules of racing, NSW trainers must insure for Workers Compensation through the Racing NSW Insurance Fund.

A copy of the discussion paper is available for viewing by clicking here.