Workplace Policies are an essential element of every racing stable who have employees.

The critical aspects of any policy are:

  • The policy is in a simple form which states the legal obligations of the parties;
  • The policy is prominently displayed at the workplace, and
  • All employees are made aware of the policy and in turn, acknowledge to the employer that they have read the policy, understand its content and will abide by the policy obligations as they relate to their individual employment.

The Australian Trainers’ Association has developed several key policies to this point to assist member racing stables.

Those available from our web-site at this time are:

Alcohol and Drugs

Bullying & Harassment

As more policies are developed, we will provide members with a relevant update.

Importantly, having a policy in place is only part of the solution in the case of an employee being dismissed for a policy breach.

Having policies for your workplace is only part of the solution; you must ensure that the policies and the consequences of breaches are discussed, understood and reinforced to all employees in the workplace.

The above is important, because the Fair Work Commission has a broad discretion in determining the fairness of a dismissal, hence employers can never be certain of a favourable outcome in these cases, regardless of the circumstances.

Employers need to clearly warn any employee following a breach of company policy or misconduct, that he or she is on notice that failure to rectify the inappropriate behaviour or misconduct may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

The ATA recommend that Alcohol & Drug Policy along with the Bullying & Harassment Policy should form part of the employee’s induction paperwork, and be displayed at the workplace along with the Horse and Greyhound Training Award 2010.

The ATA’s Industrial Relations Manager is contactable on (03) 9372 1688 or email should Members require further assistance on this subject.