World First for Tasmanian Racing / Tasmania / 19 Sep, 2011

Tasracing has introduced what it believes is a world first for the thoroughbred racing industry – a revolutionary tracking system that captures key performance statistics for all horses competing in Tasmanian races.

As well as capturing sectional times and positions in running, the system captures biometric data such as stride length, the duration of each stride, stride efficiency and velocity.

Information is collected via a 70-gram device that sits behind the saddle.

It is completely portable and requires no additional infrastructure to be installed at racetracks.

Tasracing CEO Gary Lottering said the information would be extremely valuable for wagering customers and should help drive wagering turnover on the Tasmanian thoroughbred product.

“It should be just as valuable for owners and trainers who obviously want to review their horse’s performance,” he said.

“The data captured by the system also has exciting potential application for integrity purposes, given it can provide information on how horses travelled during a race.”

Sectional timing information (previously only available for the lead horse for the last 600-metres of the race) and biometric data will now be available on the Tasracing website

Mr Lottering said Tasracing had commenced discussions with online form providers to incorporate the data into form lines.

Tasracing worked closely with the system’s developer, StrideMaster, for 10 months and has been testing the product for the last two months.

Stridemaster Managing Director David Hawke said he was very pleased to be given the opportunity to further develop the technology with Tasracing.

“The system that has been introduced to Tasmanian thoroughbred racing is cutting edge,” he said.

“We are very proud of the system we have developed in close cooperation with Tasracing.

“While I was always confident the system would add enormous value to the industry, Tasracing’s support to further develop it has been invaluable.”

How to read Stridemaster data - CLICK HERE. (35 Kb)